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Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire

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We Give You Property Services in Buckingham

Having a property valued to go on the market might seem pretty simple on the face of it. Look at similar properties in the area that recently sold and – Bob's your uncle – there's your price. 

In fact, getting a genuine, useable valuation is a skilled procedure involving a number of factors. We use survey information along with historical data, local information and expertise to come to a definitive, recognised valuation. 

Call us today to arrange a valuation and feel comfortable that you're dealing with seasoned professionals every time.

When you choose us you choose experts with over 30 years of property knowledge.

Property can be hard to sell but in our safe hands we can offer the best advice and expertise.

Property Surveying Services

We are proud to offer a selection of lsurveying services up front to homeowners who maybe have not sold a home for many years. 

Our partners offer a condition survey as standard. This is new and great for those looking to get up to date advice in line with the approved documents issued by the goverment and the ever changing legislation.

Most homes have defects and a standard valuation is no longer considered sufficient when the buyer is purchaing a home.

Buyers are incresaingly nervous as funds are often tight so if there are issues the buyer will in most cases withdraw costing you money.

Our survey before going to market will avoid this waste.